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Buckingham Clinic Glasgow
Buckingham Clinic Glasgow

Osteopaths, Physiotherapists & Sports Therapists

At The Buckingham Clinic we specialise in all types of sports and spinal conditions including but not limited to lower back and neck pain, prolapsed discs, sciatica, whiplash and peripheral joint pain.

Our team of osteopaths, physiotherapists & sports therapists are dedicated to reducing your pain and restoring your function using their unique individual approach.

When you’re in pain and facing the distress and inconvenience that accompanies it, you require reliable solutions. Whether your injury originates from sporting activities, gardening, the office or just wear and tear, at The Buckingham Clinic our friendly and professional approach aims to help you return to full function and remain there. Please contact us to find out if we can help you with your problem.

Our Treatment

At the Buckingham Clinic, part of what sets us apart is out multi-functional approach to all patients. Our core list of treatments include the following:

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We believe in treating patients, not problems

Our treatment is tailored to each individual patient as you are unique and your condition and recovery time is different to the next patient. We will always try to keep things simple, providing an uncomplicated explanation about your condition to ensure that there is no unnecessary confusion and that any fears are alleviated.Communication between the client and the therapist is paramount to this approach and will achieve the most effective results for our patients. During your consultation we will take a case history of your symptoms. If further tests are deemed necessary such as x-ray’s or perhaps an MRI scan this can be arranged via our links to local private hospitals. Once a diagnosis is reached you will be given an explanation and a multi-disciplinary treatment plan.

What singles us out from other clinics is that we not only try to remove your pain, we also help you reach the peak of your “normal” function, allowing you to improve your lifestyle or sporting performance and limiting the chance of a re-occurrence of your condition! We have been established in the heart of Glasgow’s West End for 80 years and this protocol has been tried and tested and found to be very effective.

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