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Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate the quality of movement patterns in athletes, keen sports people and your everyday person on the street. It is a screening tool which we use to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain complaint or musculoskeletal injury. It is not intended to diagnose orthopaedic problems but rather to demonstrate and provide opportunities for improved movement in individuals from every walk of life. Let’s be clear, FMS is not just for elite or recreational athletes to improve athletic performance, it's also for everyday folk who may not be active within sport but keep picking up the same "niggly" injury or condition and doesn’t know why.

Who can use the FMS?
  • Clients, patients or teams who are looking to increase their physical capacity and maximise potential.
  • Clients or patients on discharge from treatment who are wanting return to their sport or activity with peace of mind that there are ready.
  • Athletes wanting to improve functional and athletic performance and reduce risk of injury.
  • Sports teams wanting to improve athlete functional performance and reduce risk of injury rate and recurrence of common injuries within their chosen sport.
  • Anyone looking to improve their movement capabilities in everyday life or activity, therefore making the changes to sustain and extend movement quality later on in life.
The functional movement screen can help:
  • Create a baseline for movement which can be measured, addressed and improved.
  • Changing basic motor patterns which could increase skill level with athletic performance.
  • Reliable and reproducible screen with specific markers for movement problems.
  • Identify and address physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses within the body.
  • Restore and improve optimal movement required for fitness and athletic performance.
  • Personalize and tailor a fitness plan for moving forward.
  • Individualize training and conditioning programs for specific results.

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